Computer Repair & Support

Our Services
At Armonk Computer Solutions we are dedicated to providing a wide variety of computer repair and networking services. If the service you are looking for is not one of those listed below, please email us so we can work together to customize a service perfect for you. For questions regarding computer repair please email: info@armonkpc.com.

In-Shop Services

Computer Tune

IS YOUR COMPUTER RUNNING TOO SLOW? TOO MANY POP-UP ADS? If so, then a computer tune is for you. A standard tune includes: removal of all spyware/viruses, customizing startup, removal of temp files that slow down your computer, run all windows updates and anti-virus updates, optimize security and firewalls and check all hardware for problems.

Operating Sytem Reinstallation

WHEN COMPUTER PERFORMANCE IS JUST UNBEARABLY SLOW, SOMETIMES THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO REINSTALL THE OPERATING SYSTEM. Sometimes, even a tune is not enough to maximize performance. When this is the case, the best way to fix it is to reinstall your operating system, such as Windows XP. This service covers the reinstallation of the operating system, all system drivers and any other software that you supply. NOTE: When an operating system is reinstalled, all data is deleted. This includes all that bad software that is slowing down system performance. After the OS (Operating System) is reinstalled, you computer is the same as it was when you first got it. We can back-up all of your valuable data before the reinstallation (see below).

Data Backup

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU LOST ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT FILES? It's not a problem, because with data backup service, we will save a copy of all your important files to either a CD, DVD or an external hard drive. We can also copy your hard drive to another hard drive.

Data Recovery

YOUR COMPUTER JUST CRASHED, YOUR DATA WASN'T BACKED UP...NOW WHAT? If possible, Armonk Computer Solutions can attempt to recover and extract all of your important files to another hard drive, or to a CD or DVD. In some cases your hard drive might not be able to be recovered, which is why we highly suggest taking advantage of our Data Backup service.

Virus and Spyware Removal

DO YOU HAVE A VIRUS? Using the latest anti-virus technology, we will scan your entire computer for viruses and spyware. We will then remove any detected viruses and spyware.

Computer Upgrades

WANT TO TURN THAT OLD COMPUTER INTO A DREAM MACHINE WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY $1500 FOR A NEW COMPUTER? Bring it in to Armonk Computer Solutions for an upgrade. We can add more memory to greatly increase speed, put in a second hard drive to increase storage,or we can install a new video or sound card for heart pounding games and music. Call us so we can help you decide what upgrades are perfect for you.

Fast Fix

DOES YOUR SYSTEM HAVE A LITTLE PROBLEM? If we can fix your problem on the spot in 10 minutes or less you will only be charged the Fast Fix fee.


NOT SURE WHAT YOUR COMPUTER'S PROBLEM IS? We will perform a full system diagnostic on your computer to determine the problem. If you authorize us to repair the issue, the diagnostic fee will be waived and you will just be charged the hourly rate.

In-Home Services

Standard In-Home Service

WANT US TO COME TO YOU? Perfect! Just give us a call to set up an appointment. All of the in-shop services listed above are available at your residence.

Internet and Network Setup

DO YOU WANT TO SET UP A HOME NETWORK SO ALL THE COMPUTERS IN YOUR HOUSE CAN SHARE A SINGLE HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION? Let us come and setup / configure your home network and internet connection.

New Computer Setup
DID YOU JUST PURCHASE A NEW COMPUTER BUT HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO HOOK UP ALL THOSE CONFUSING WIRES AND PLUGS? No problem. We will come to your location and get your new computer and any software up and running.